Before Installing

Wash & Condition (if needed)
Air Dry (on hanger)
Avoid cutting the wefts as this could cause shedding


After Install Nightly routine

Use satin bonnet/silk scarf at night before bed
Satin pillow cases ( not required)
Twisting hair, braiding, pin curling, flexi rods (for curly/wavy) are great protective style alternatives.
Wrap hair at night for straight sleek hairstyles to preserve styles for in the morning


Caring for your Hair Extensions

- We suggest that you have a professional stylist trim any split ends, especially if you plan on doing a lot of heat styling.
- Hot tools can contribute to split ends, shortening the life of your extensions.

- Shampoo and condition - hydrating shampoo (Kera care or Creme of nature) bi weekly to maintain softness in manageability.

- It is suggested that you visit your stylist regularly to have your hair and extension shampooed, especially when wearing a sew in installation. It is critical that your hair extensions are properly cleansed and dried under a hood dryer - to avoid molding.

- Hair extensions should not be handled rigorously and should always be shampooed in a downward position.

- Keep styling products to a minimum to prevent weighing down on the hair.

- May use deep conditioner treatments to maintain smooth and luscious texture of the hair.

- Using thermal heat protectants works well with longevity, use a dime size before blow dry and flat ironing or curling.

- All of our hair textures straighten easily. Notice that all our textures returns to its original wave or curl pattern after every shampoo and condition.
- To avoid frizz allow hair to naturally air dry or dry under a medium heat hood dryer. Use a paddle/denman brush to detangle wet hair. Best detangling is done when wet, combing hair while dry can cause snagging and shedding.

If you purchased the curly hair collection please note: curl defining products are more effective when applied to wet hair (Paul Mitchell foam sculpt, Kinky Knot Today, or Curls) mix these products with a dab of oil to maintain softness and manageability